Situated in the Southern North Sea, IOG has a 50% working interest in the Blythe Hub which contains two proven gas discoveries which we intend to co-develop as a production hub. The remaining 50% interest is held by CalEnergy Resources Limited.

Blythe Hub Management Estimate Net Gas Reserves (Bcfe)
Field 2P
Blythe 21


The Blythe Field was discovered in 1966 by well 48/22-1, drilled by Burmah and is a good quality Rotliegend reservoir. It was subsequently appraised by wells 48/22-2, 48/23-3 and 48/23-4 drilled by Arco between 1987 and 1990 which tested up to 15 MMscfd.  


Blythe will be developed using a single development well and an unmanned platform.

The Field Development Plan submitted to the OGA has been optimised in 2019 to reflect a two phase development, with Phase 1 comprising the Blythe, Elgood and Southwark Fields and Phase 2 comprising the Nailsworth, Elland and Goddard fields.

FID was declared in October 2019 and Blythe first gas is planned for Q4 2021 following Southwark first gas in Q3 2021.

Blythe Hub Development Environmental Statement

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