The Harvey licence, P2085, was awarded to IOG at 100% working interest in December 2013 in the 27th Licensing Round. In May 2018 IOG announced the successful application of the licence to the east of Harvey in Block 48/24a, licence P2441.  This licence award secured 100% of the Harvey structure on the mid-case and upside cases of the mapped structure.

The Oil and Gas Authority (“OGA”) has confirmed the continuation of licence P2085 into its second term, which contains the Harvey discovery, which ends 19/12/2021.


IOG considers that the Harvey structure is a discovery in which the presence of gas has been indicated by well 48/23-2 drilled by Arco in 1984.


In Q3 2019 IOG drilled an appraisal well at the Harvey structure. Data acquired from the well is now undergoing analysis to generate a revised technical assessment of reservoir gas volumes and deliverability.