Thames Pipeline - a fully viable, minimal cost, zero tariff export route

The Thames Pipeline was previously used to evacuate gas from the Thames area complex which was decommissioned following cessation of production.  The pipeline was acquired by IOG for a nominal sum in April 2018 from the previous owners who had decommissioned the pipeline and the Thames area fields in 2015.

 The Thames pipeline is a 24-inch concrete coated pipeline which runs 90-km from the decomissioned Thames platform to the Bacton Gas Terminal on the coast of Norfolk. IOG intends to use the shoreward 60km to export its gas. The line is connected to the Thames Reception Facility at Bacton, acquired by IOG in July 2019, which will be refurbished during development.

 In May 2018 IOG carried out an extensive programme offshore and onshore at the Bacton terminal to commence the recommissioning of the pipeline to export the entire IOG portfolio of gas in the Southern North Sea from kilometre point 60, which is 6-km south of the proposed Southwark platform location.

 Analysis of the three 12-metre sections retrieved from the 60-km offshore point during offshore operations in May 2018 enabled a physical assessment of the pipeline and demonstrated it to be fit for reuse.

Inspection of the Bacton end of the pipeline was undertaken in Q3 2018 to further assess the inshore section which proved to be in excellent condition. An elevated hydrostatic pressure test was subsequently completed to confirm pipeline integrity.