It is the policy of IOG to conduct its undertakings in an environmentally responsible manner that protects people from harm, and which complies with all applicable health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation.

We recognise that effective prevention of injury and ill health enables the efficient and effective conduct of business, and that operating in an environmentally responsible manner promotes long term sustainable success for the business.

We also recognise that our industry undertakings necessitate particular measures to control the inherent risks to people and the natural environment from the hydrocarbon hazards arising from the oil and gas we extract and handle.

Our principal objective is to achieve internationally recognised standards of best practice performance for health, safety, welfare and environmental management.

In order to achieve these objectives, we will: -

  • Provide necessary leadership and corporate governance
  • Establish and maintain systematic management processes, including major hazard risk management and the development and application of suitable performance metrics
  • Identify and comply with all applicable laws, regulation and statutory guidance applicable to our activities
  • Specifically prevent environmental pollution through the proper planning and conduct of our activities
  • Promote and reward positive behaviours
  • Make available specialist guidance and support
  • Monitor both the operational planning arrangements and the performance outcomes of ourselves and of that of our contractors and duty holders
  • Communicate our policy and expectations to our employees, business partners, contractors and duty holders, and co-operate with them in order to promote and enable compliance with this policy
  • Periodically review and refresh our policies and practices
  • Maintain and periodically exercise suitable emergency response plans, facilities and equipment in order to deal with the occurrence and consequence of major incidents

Ultimate responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy rests with the Chief Executive and the Board.

The policy is to be implemented through line management whom are each responsible for establishing clear roles and responsibilities for aspects of the policy relevant to their functional areas, including in particular, the activities of contracted services and duty holders.

In addition, individuals working for or on behalf of IOG or conducting activities at IOG premises or assets, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that enables IOG to comply with this policy, and to openly voice any concerns for health, safety or environmental arrangements that might arise in the course of their activities.

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