With 2P reserves of 156 Bcfe, 2C resources of 55 Bcfe, from our  50% owned and operated, low-risk offshore gas portfolio, we are ideally positioned to supply growing UK gas demand, providing energy security to the UK and creating jobs.

We are 50% owner and operator of the Thames Pipeline and Reception Facilities, a key piece of infrastructure providing an export route for the Company’s gas assets straight to the UK market and National Transmission System, with the potential to deliver significant cost savings.

We are pursuing a cost-effective proven hub strategy leveraging existing infrastructure to turn stranded or marginal gas assets into cost efficient clusters through:

  • Maximising Economic Recovery - optimizing existing production
  • Recommissioning of existing infrastructure to a required safety standard to deliver gas to the market at a low unit cost

Alongside this we continue to explore development and production opportunities in the Southern North Sea with the potential to further accelerate growth.